Bookings, Productions… & a New 2018 Year

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Bookings, Productions… & a New 2018 Year

You might be wondering.

Wondering why my website is not full of soon-to-be-finalized tracks. Why my event calendar is not stuffed with gigs here and there. Why you cannot download any more-or-less unfinished album on one of my many reserved-but-not-managed social media / artist profiles.

You might be wondering, can you book me? Might I actually be present in a line-up near you soon? If one day, you might even really #ListenToEVA somehow.

Well the answer is simple. I do not feel ready for all that. Yet.

My work is a process, my music will be put out there when I feel happy and proud about it. When I feel I respect myself as much as I respect you guys out there, when it is an event as much as a celebration. In short, when it will be a real moment in time for all of us.

I am now working. Playing. Listening. Partying. Reading. Painting. Exploring and Dreaming. My Life is dedicated to my first album, from yoga to traveling, from audio to visual, from emotion to cognition.

I hope I can say, you will #ListenToEVA in 2019. I most certainly am looking forwards.

And in the meantime, enjoy Life, please!

With Love from Ibiza, the Magical Island.

05 sept 2018 • Ξ V Λ